January 2017
New Photo of Lingo's LP in the Photo Gallery

January 2014
I have recently unearthed 9 photos I took while at the Camp in 1962. I have published them on one page, labeled PHOTOS above.

August 2013
Newly Updated Story Page, shows a link to an article from 1966. Check it out.

I've also added a link to another page mentioning the camp in 1966.


This is the Home of the Adventure Trails Camp at Laughing Coyote Mountain which existed in the late 1950's and early 1960's near Blackhawk, Colorado.  More than just a blog, this is a place of repository for the Daily Mountain Man, a daily publication of the Adventure Trails Camp.

The Blog posts you find here are merely a republishing of the daily sheets which the camp director, T.D. Lingo (most often referred to as just 'Lingo') typed and printed on his ancient mimeograph machine like a daily report/daily paper. The daily paper was published by Lingo, but written and edited by just about any of us with the gumption to submit an idea and typed  up by Lingo himself. I kept all mine in a red binder for the last 50 years and read over them from time to time.  I marvel at how much we learned not just about outdoor living and making a fire, but about philosophy, literature and being a man.  The pages have been recreated here in order, keeping as much of the drawings, spellings and grammar from the originals, including a scan of the original itself.

To the right, you will find the sheets grouped according to their respective "Clan Names". Each trip, regardless of length, was given it's own 'Clan Name' which is unique and fun.  Each link at right takes you to the first day of each trip. In the Archive  you can read each title and jump right to the one that interests you.

What you see here are about 50 sheets, but I'm sure I don't have them all.   I would love to add these other trips to the blog, so if you know of any that exist which are not represented here, please contact me direct.

The 'camper's' names you see on each sheet are 'Mountain Man Medicine Names.'  Somewhat Native American in origin, they tell more about the owner than names such as Carl, Paul and Doug.  They also name the local critters, some trees, important locations and even the dish washing station.  You can find a glossary of sorts in the links at the top of the page.

This is again, merely a depository.  There won't be daily or weekly blog posts.  Any new pages will be added and a note posted here on the Home Page under Updates, as you see above.  Your comments are always welcome.